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Girdwood, AK

Sample Girdwood Itinerary:

  • Drive 37 miles down Seward Highway to Girdwood after work.
  • Smoke a bowl and head to the Double Musky
  • Eat delicious food and drink good wine
  • Head back to the house to smoke a couple more bowls while sitting in the hot tub.  Sleep.
  • Get up the next morning head to breakfast at Jack Sprats.  The french toast is bomb.

In February, skiing Alyeska all day should be next but as of 2/27/2015 there is not a flake of snow on the ground at sea level.   Good thing there is an abundance of awesome trails that meander through huge Sitka Spruce forest to enjoy.  The forests of Girdwood is the most northern rainforest in the world and makes for an awesome afternoon of wandering and exploring.

 Beaver Pond Trail


Alaska Legalization of Pot and what it means for you

On 2/24/2015 Alaska became the third state to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Here is what you can do:

  • You can possess up to 1 ounce in public
  • You can grow up to 6 plants in your home with three of them being mature and there is no limit on the amount you possess at home.
  • You can gift up to 1 ounce of pot to another person of age.
  • You can smoke, vaporize, eat ect… in the privacy of your home or with friends at a private residence.

Here is what you can’t do:

  • You cannot smoke in a public place
  • You cannot sell marijuana in any